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DELíVALLE INTERNATIONAL REALTORS offers a great variety of luxury homes in the exclusive areas of South Florida such as Coral Gables, Gables by the Sea, Key Biscayne, South Beach and others. Today, the American dream involves more than just owning a home. It means owning a home that is right for you; and that's very personal choice. So you will need to make two lists: "Want list" (the extras: pool, den, fireplace, plush landscaping, etc) and your "Need List" (e.g., spare bedroom, garage, extra bathroom, etc).

Items for your list also could include such things as privacy, size, architectural features, potential for appreciation in value and a quiet neighborhood, to name just a few.Space, privacy, style, amenities, and your personal reaction to the home may be the most important factors in choosing your home, but don't forget to look at extra considerations. These have more to do where the house is located than the house itself. 

Buying a Residential Property

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